Reasons I Consistently Deliver Outstanding Results

I'm a true Headhunter. 
The vast majority of "recruiters" are not Headhunters; what they do bears no resemblance to what I do.   
I am 100% customer-centric.  I only work for client companies and their top executives. 
I have nothing to do with helping sales professionals find a new job. 
Each and every search is customized for each unique client. 
never provide candidates from a database.  I have no "inventory" of candidates.  ​
Every search is a targeted search.
I target and find... attract and engage... sell my client's opportunity and, at the same time, screen for fit... interview and assess to validate fit... and help my clients successfully hire top sales performers who consistently perform at the top of their peer group ("A" players) and (again, this is the super important part) who fit each client's unique business model & culture.