Reasons I Consistently Deliver Outstanding Results

I consistently engage the top sales performers I've targeted in meaningful discussions of my client's opportunity.  
Hiring is hard.  Even harder is hiring "A" players who truly fit your business model and unique culture.  Even harder still is hiring "A" players who fit your business model and unique culture but who are not looking for a new job.  And the vast majority of "A" players are definitely not looking for a new job.
Targeting a top performer as a potential candidate is one thing.  Engaging them in meaningful conversation regarding your client's opportunity is a much bigger challenge.
Top performers are focused on their work and delivering outstanding results.  They do not waste time on distractions.  Most top performers are inundated with recruiter calls and emails, and they've learned through experience that most are a waste of time. 
I consistently overcome this hurdle and engage top performers in meaningful discussions of my client’s opportunity.
When I first engage in discussion or correspondence with a top performer I am targeting, I clearly and succinctly lay out the primary, compelling reasons why he or she may, or may not, love my client’s opportunity.  If these reasons resonate with the top performer I’m targeting, we then move into detailed discussions, including as much Q&A and drill-down as the top performer desires.
The "A" players who I target tell me over and over and over and over and over that (1) they are deluged weekly with vague calls and emails from recruiters to which they rarely if ever respond... (2) they have no reason to believe the "job" these recruiters are pitching would be of any interest whatsoever... and (3) they are talking to me because I have provided them, upfront, with succinct, meaningful, compelling details about both my client and my client’s opportunity that matters to them. 
One more key point:  Recruiting and hiring top performers, particularly those who are not looking for a new job, is a complex sale.  I’m meticulous in my research and preparation throughout this complex sales process, including this critical first interaction.  My client and I will have have no chance whatsoever to "sell" my client's opportunity to the top performer I've uncovered if I/we cannot successfully capture his or her initial interest.