Sample Ideal Hiring Profile

At least 8 years of sales experience with at least 5 years in our industry.
Multiple President Club level performances.  We want to see a top 10 – 20% stack-ranking in his/her peer group for at least 3 of the last 5 years.
No job hoppers.  We need to see stability and we need to understand the reasons for any job change(s). 
Proven hunter / new business developer.  We want to understand what a typical week looks like in terms of sales activities and managing his/her sales pipeline.  Must be able to walk us through specific examples in which he/she initiated (vs. inherited) the relationship and ultimately closed new business.
Must have a problem/solution/value mindset, not a product/feature/price mindset.  Our strength and success is based on finding and solving technical or operational problems on the plant floor.  
Complex sale experience with long sales cycles and average deal sizes of at least $100k.
Lower middle-market experience.  History of strong sales performance in a company with $10 million to $100 million in revenue with limited resources and less name recognition than the bigger competitors.  
High “doer” score on our customized sales assessment.
Burning desire to succeed.  Demonstrably determined to excel and over-achieve. 
Ours is a hard-charging culture requiring a high level of personal accountability as well as outstanding teamwork.  Athletes do well here, both as individual contributors and as leaders; they historically fit our culture well, perform at a high level, enjoy their work and internal camaraderie, advance their careers and enjoy long tenures. 
Money motivated, but money can't be his/her only driver.  Must be able to articulate other wants and aspirations that align with our company and culture.
Experience working remotely from home.
Important:  Ideal hiring profiles are unique for each company.  The characteristics, experiences, capabilities and so on that comprise an ideal hiring profile will vary from company to company.  I have used various ideal hiring profile criteria from actual BurtonJames customers to build the sample ideal hiring profile shown above.