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"A" players consistently produce "A" level results.  


"B" & "C" players consistently produce "B" & "C" level results and will rarely become "A" players. 


A Players



Fewer wasted leads.


Shorter sales cycles. 


Larger deal sizes. 


More new customers.


Less customer turnover.

Faster growth of both new

& existing customers.


More loyal & motivated indirect

sales channel.


Stronger goodwill & brand

reputation in the marketplace.


More committed, motivated & cohesive sales team.


Less supervision required.


Increased retention

& longer tenures.


Superior pipeline of

promotable employees.

Greater ROI from management focus on "A" players instead of

"B" or "C" players.


Culture of Winners.

Bigger, faster revenue & profit 

growth, boosted exponentially by year-over-year compounding.

Growth graphs
"A" Players = Higher Growth
"B" & "C" Players = Lower Growth
Revenue Years 1 - 10 Column Chart (JPG)
Total Revenue Years 1 - 10 Column Chart
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