Reasons I Consistently Deliver Outstanding Results

I excel at selling my client's opportunity to top sales performers, which is particularly critical in attracting top performers who are not looking for a new job.  As my clients will attest, I can generally sell the opportunity more effectively than my client's own executives, sales leaders and, if applicable, recruiters.
At this early stage of the recruiting process (which is, again, a complex sales process), I generally have one chance (assuming I'm fortunate enough to have earned this chance) to fully capture the top sales performer's genuine interest, setting us on the course for more in-depth discussions and interviews. 
Again, I'm targeting top performers who are consistently delivering outstanding results.  They are held in high esteem by their organization and customers... they have ambitious goals and aspirations... and they are not looking for a new job.  If my initial interaction was successful, then at this stage I am selling my client's opportunity in much greater detail.  At the same time, the top performer will be asking pointed questions and drilling down into the details that matter most to him or her.
If my "sell" isn't meaningful and compelling in the first few minutes of our discussion and on through to the end of our discussion, I will lose the potential candidate... whether that be 5 minutes into our discussion or 35 minutes into our discussion.
If my "sell" does resonate and further captures the "A" player's interest in the first 5 to 15 minutes of our conversation, then I must be equally effective in answering all questions the potential candidate throws my way while we drill-down into additional layers of detail. 
I prepare painstakingly for these discussions.  My client and I have drilled down, at my insistence, to identify all of the "selling points" relative to my client's organization and the role I am filling.  Before I execute a search on behalf of my client, I know my client's business, and I know the reasons why "the right person" is going to thrive here.
I am highly effective at getting these "selling points" on the table, selling not only the role, but also my client's organization... strategy... business model... achievements... people... culture... growth and advancement opportunities... and so on.